Knox County Hospital Seeks State Intervention to Force Aetna U.S. Healthcare to Pay $12 Million in Past-Due Debts

Insurance Giant is Over Two Years in Arrears to Rural Healthcare Provider
{Reprint Wichita Falls Times-Record News}

By Deanna Watson,
Wichita Falls Times Record News
June 6, 2020

Nearly two months ago, the Knox County Hospital District sought help from the Texas Department of Insurance in getting $12 million in alleged unpaid claims from Aetna U.S. Healthcare, a fight the hospital says goes back nearly two years.

Knox County Hospital, about 90 miles south west of Wichita Falls, filed a complaint with TDI in March, according to a release the hospital district dated April 7, 2020, to compel Aetna to pay more than $12 million in unpaid claims dating back to June 2018.

The plea to the TDI has not resulted in a resolution, the hospital district stated, and now representatives formally urged legislators, including North Texas Rep. James Frank, to step in. (Read full story here.)

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